HMPA Ltd. logo

We are
a mediterranean holding company based in
United Kingdom
that owns other companies’ outstanding stock.

We deliver support and funding for new and emerging technology companies.

Our story

It all started in 2001 in the financial sector.
Soon after the business diversified into business improvement and investments.
In 2012 HMPA Ltd. was incorporated and become a pure company holding.

Today the HMPA Ltd. companies is a household name in the world and operate worldwide in the follow area.

Airport Safety System

We operates worldwide in joint venture with our partners in critical projects regarding Safety and Security for airport under ICAO rules.

We provides a powerful advanced IT solution, dedicated to airports and aviation company. Our solutions is a highly integrated system that supports all emergencies, contingencies and maintenance activities, grants ready emergency response, performs full reporting system, helps operators to increase performance in easy way.

Drones and Defense

We are a passionate multinational team dedicated to providing commercial drone services safely, reliably and effectively on demand.

We offers complete drone capabilities for you project from urban ad agricultural areas to industrial locations, we provide the drone capabilities you require. We globally provides a wide range of drones, sensors, data analysis, payloads and pilots around the world.

Due Diligence and Acquisitions

We conduct rigorous due diligence on behalf of clients considering a merger or acquisition. Our due diligence investigations often provide negotiating leverage to our clients, resulting in better pricing and/or terms and a better awareness of the challenges and issues facing the organization.
We have had many experiences in the negotiation of european football teams.

Information & Communication Technology

We are a system integrator for Information & Communication Technology Infrastructure Solutions. Specialized in providing ICT infrastructure enterprise solutions (Cyber Security, Data Centers and Enterprise Networking).

We provide multi-technology solutions for government and enterprise customers, who seek successful integration of complex systems and services that satisfy customers’ business demands and assure business continuity.

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

We provide production optimizations for renewable energy assets and trade power for the optimum power price available. Our customer base is: investors, owners and fund managers of renewable production assets (like wind- and solar parks and biomass power plants) and industrial off-takers of energy.

We act independently and cover the whole lifecycle of renewable energy and energy efficiency assets: we facilitate, operate and optimize.